Updates and Changes

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Tuesday, 18 November, 2003 11:05
28 Dec 06
Addd Drum Absent Comrades
14 Nov 06
Added Newspaper Articles Page; Converted Rush Photos to thumbnails
13Nov 06
Changes to Congratulations and McCain's RVN Photos (thumbnails)
1-11 Nov 06
Aded reactivation photos Tedeschi; US Army ; housekeeping changes
29 Oct 06
Added Reactivation Page; Updated Drum Iraq Home Page
Sep/Oct 06
Changes to reactivation dates
Aug 06
Added Reactivation Notice and Drum/Iraq home page
Jan-Aug 06
Many small changes (housekeeping)
22 Apr 05
Added photos to WW1 People
Mar 05
Added Hammond's Photos; site maintenance
Dec 04
Added Hutchinson's Photos
Aug 04
Revised format of Site Map by adding "era" home pages and replacing site map with contents
Jul 04
Added Charlie Hood's photos
23 Jun 04
Added to and updated 1/61 Pages
Revised and started to replace the navigation footer on all pages
Jun 04
Revamped Site Map, added Contents
May 04
Numerous changes, corrections, additions, deletions
Nov 03
Site relocated to a new host after a long time off the web
9 Sep 02
Added 7th Engineer Reunion 2003, Split 5th Div and 7th Engr Reunion Pages, updated 5th Div 2003 Reunion page, updated 5th Div Reunion 2002 page, added Sep 02 Newsletter
10 Aug 02
Added photo pages "Photos 19a Varela"; "19b Varela"; "20a Jenkins"
28 July 02
Added photo pages "Photos 18m Rush"; "18n"; "18o"
22 July 02
Added "RVN Glimpses 08 Covert"; added Rich White to Ft Polk page
9 July 02
Added "Photos 18 k", "18 l", (SSG Rush)
20 & 27 June 02
Added "Photos 18 e", "18f", "18g", "18h", "18i", & "18j", (SSG Rush)
17 June 02
Added "Photos 18 b", "18c", "18d" (SSG Rush)
2 June 02
Added "Photos Page" to Ft. Carson; minor editing to Ft. Carson Pages including new names on "People"
1 June 02
Added to "WW2 Reflections 14 Rice"; added page "RVN Photos 17b Ferrari"
29 May 02
Added page "Newsletter May 02"
27 May 02
Added details of Combat Action to the 19 Oct 69 incident to "Glimpses01Baldwin"
26 May 02
Added to "WW2 Reflections 12 Goodsell"; added Page "WW2 Photos 6a Harton"
22 May 02
Added to "WW2 Reflections 12 Goodsell"
21 May 02
Added pages: WW2 Reflections "13 Pregladin" and "14 Rice"; RVN "Photos 18 Rush"
Apr 02
Minor editing and corrections, rearranged Airedales
Mar 02
Updated: "1/61RecDay2002", "7thEngr Reunion", "5th Div reunion",
Feb 02
Minor editing and corrections
5-24 Jan 02
Added Curtis Photo pages 4b-4g
2-3 Jan 02
Added more photos to Ralph Curtis Photo Page , added page 1/61RecDay2002
May it prove to be a less trying one than 2001. God Bless you all.
5-31 Dec 01
Added Ralph Curtis Photo Page, added Mike Ferrari's RVN photos, minor editing throughout the site
1 Dec 01
Added Mark Seekin's Vietanm photos (RVN Photos 8a Seekins)
27 Nov 01
Finally moved this page from Geocities - kinda cheated on the dates since May 01 (so sue me!)
Sep - Nov 01
Revised many pages, consolidated some, broke up some
Lots of changes too minor to list
Changed Home page to reflect Battalion instead of just A Company (old home page will become RVN Dedication Page)
Reformatted most pages and corrected links
Added RVN Photos from Unknown, Seekins, Coore, Mitchem, Piepho, Canard (and narrative), Allen, Raad, Vetter, and Dustin
July - Aug 01
Revised and edited pages, corrected links, corrected links, corrected links, corrected links, etc
June 01
Moved site from geocities to DC Metronet
22 May 01
Added 3 photos to "Photos 5A - Pozorski"
20 May 01
Corrected page to page links (I hope)
8 Apr 01
Corrected caption for the SKS Presentation picture on "Recognition Day"
2 Mar 01
Added Page "Recognition Day"
1 Mar 01
Added "Newsletter"; "WW2Photos2 Johanson"; "Vietnam Photos 7"; minor editing throughout site
6 Feb 01
Minor editorial changes to "WW II People"
2 Feb 01
Added "Photos 2e Krisanits/kronenfeld"
27 Jan 01
Added mine info to "WW2German Equipment"
24 Jan 01
Added pages "WW2Photos 1a Tucker"; "1b Tucker" and "1c Tucker"; "1d Tucker"; added St Anould Cemetary photo to "WW2 Absent Comrades"
23 Jan 01
Added page "Photos 6a McCain"; "6b"; "6c"; "6d"; "6e"; "6f"; "6g"
13 Jan 01
Added page "The Bunker"; added 14 Feb 71 and 21 May 71 KIA names to "Absent Comrades"
12 Jan 01
Added pages "Photos 5a Pozorski"; "Viet Nam 7 Muther"
11 Jan 01
Revised all Viet Nam era "Photos" file names: if you have problems, please let me know
10 Jan 01
Added Page "Photos 4a Grafton"
7 Jan 01
Added page "Airedales 7B"; continued adding missing specs to "Airedales 4" & "5"
6 Jan 01
Added page "Ellis Johanson (p2)" to WW 2 "Relflections"
4 Jan 01
Minor editing throughout site, added missing specs to Airedales 1, 2, and 3



26 Dec 00
Added page "Our Allies" to Viet Nam section
19 Dec 00
Added pages "Viet Nam 6, Mark Seekins" and "WW I Diary Jul-Aug"
17 Dec 00
Added "WW2 Reflections 4, Johanson"; "5, Roberts"; "6, Caldwell"; "7, Carver"; "8, Harbin"; "9, Veklotz"; "10, Deep"
12 Dec 00
Consolidated "My Page" with "VietNam 1" and deleted "My Page"; major editing and additions to "Viet Nam 1"
7-10 Dec 00
Reformated most pages to a narrower width; minor editing throughout site; added pages "WW2 Reflections 1,Tucker", "2, Blevins", "3, Radtke"
4 Dec 00
Added pages with applicable TO&E for "WWI", "Ft. Benning". "WWII", "Ft Jackson", "Indiantown Gap", "Germany", "Ft. Carson", and "Ft Polk"
24-30Nov 00
Added pages: "WW2 Diary Nov 44", "Dec 44-mid Jan 45", "Jan 45", "Feb 45", "Mar 45", "Apr 45 - Inactivation"
22 Nov 00
Added Page Viet Nam p5 (Ken Woods)
14 Nov 00
Added pages "WW2 Diary Jun - Aug 44", "Diary, Sep - Oct 44", "Equipment" and "German Equipment", updated links to new file names
8 Nov 00
Added pages "WW1 Organization & Stateside" and "WW1 Early France"
7 Nov 00
Added page "7th Engineers' Lineage"
5 Nov 00
Added page "Insignia" and "Absent, WW I"; minor editing to some pages (don't complain,I can't document EVERYTHING)
3-4 Nov 00
Added page "WW II Background"; Major revision to "Site Map"; added pages "WW I"
30 Oct 00
Added "Phonetic Alphabet; added 1 item to "Bits"; added to "Absent Comrades WW II"; added to "Photo 1"; added page "7th Engrs, WW 1"
20 Oct 00
Added Tom Grafton's Narrative as "Viet Nam 4"; added specs to "Airedales 1C", "8A", & "8B" (use the index, I'm too lazy to type all those URL's)
19 Oct 00
Added Gray and Franco to "People"; moved C Marks from unknown to A Co, "People, WW II" and added 5 new names
15 Oct 00
Minor editing throughout site; added SSG Thos. Dean to "Absent"
9 Oct 00
Added page "7th Engineer Reunions"; minor updates to "WW II: People" and "Peacetime: People"
7 Oct 00
Added page "7th Engineer History"
4 Oct 00
Corrected links on "Site Map" to all "Airedales", which had magically acquired "WW I"I links; added RHIP and RHIR to "Lingo 2"
3 Oct 00
Added "Image of Rank" to "Murphy's" page; added unit links and edited "Streets"
2 Oct 00
Added page "Absent Comrades, WW II"
28 Sep 00
Added page "7th Engineers, WW II"; added page "7th Engineers, Peacetime"
24 Sep 00
Added page "Reunions"; minor editing throughout site
19 Sep 00
Added Airedales 3F (Freedom Birds); editing and changes throughout Airedales
13-14 Sep 00
Minor editing throughout the site; too many changes to "Airedales" to list & link - please use site map; added to "Lingo 2"
9 sep 00
Added "Lingo 2"; minor editing throughout the site
7 Sep 00
Added 8 names to "People"; Additions to "Airedales 3B", "4C", and "6B"; added wall picture to "Absent Comrades"; minor editing thruout the site
28 Aug 00
Added "Photos 8" and "Airedales 8A"; revisions throughout "Airedales"; added John Beauford to "People"
20 Aug 00
Added "AiredalesB", revisions and additions throughout "Airedales"
19 Aug 00
Added "5th Division History"
16 Aug 00
Continue corrections (will they ever be done?); additions, corrections throughout "Airedales"; added "Airedales 1D"
15 Aug 00
Added Combat Medic to MOS
11 Aug 00
Added pages "Airedales1B" ans "1C"; minor changes to most Airedale pages; minor change to "Congratulations"; added some "M" nubmers to "Equipment"
10 Aug 00
Added page "Airedales7"; revised most "Airedale Pages"; added RVN map to and edited "Streets"
9 Aug 00
Added page "Murphy's Laws of Combat"; still correcting OOPS; addedsome Bits
8 Aug 00
Added pix to "Photos 1"; added "Airedales a"; minor changes throughout site
26 Jul-2 Aug 00
Added and updated pages while correcting a major OOOOPS (corrections still in process)
16-24 Jul 00
Added "Photos6", "Photos7", "Airedales", moved "Site Map" and Links to a new page
14 Jul 00
Added 5th Div Patch and Engr Castle to "Dedication" page
9 Jul 00
Added "Photos2", "3", and "4"; minor corrections throughout
20 Jun 00
Added "VietNam, p3"; updated "Absent Comrades" and "People"
24 May 00
Added SGM Hamrick's narrative to "VietNam, p2"
21 May 01
Added "Congratulations" page
14 May 00
Updated "Equipment" page; added page "Swabbies"
8 May 00
Minor changes to "Streets" and "Bits"
7 May 00
Added "Street Without Joy", minor revisions to other pages
6 May 00
Added "Photo" page, misc changes to "People"
30 Apr 00
Added "MOS"; added WO Rogers & SSG Hamrick to "People"; added item to "Bits"
26 Apr 00
Various additions and corrections
12 Mar 00
Site Opened