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1 Feb 2001


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Webmaster's note: I have edited out the 2001 Reunion info (Nov 01)

For some of the Vietnam 7th Engineers this will be the first newsletter you will have received. It may be the first time that you have heard of the reunion of the 7th Engineers. It is officially called the 7th Engineer Combat Battalion and was started in 1968 by the WW II, 7th Engineers and has been meeting on a regular basis since that time.

However the number of those WW II veterans attending the reunion has been declining. Of the entire Battalion of the WW II Engineers there are now only about 134 still on the mailing list. If the reunions were to continue it was going to be necessary for those Vietnam veterans of A Company, 7th Engineers to become involved in the reunions as has happened with the 5th Infantry Division reunions.

About four or five years ago a search for A Company ( Nam ) veterans was started. Fortunately a handful was found, thanks to guys like Dennis Knight, Lee Mc Cain, Norbert Ayers, and Alfonso Varela. With lots of searching, writing, following one lead after another and mass mailings the list of A Company veterans grew to 53. That number stayed pretty constant until recently when George Baldwin ( Nam ) decided to get involved. As a result he was able to add another 49 names and addresses to the A Company, 7th Engineer list, bringing the total to 102. If this is the first 7th Engineer Reunion Newsletter that you have received then you are one of those 49 names that have been added to the mailing list.  Hopefully that number will continue to grow. Also recently Tom Grafton ( Nam ) has joined with George to help with mailings and a web site,, that George has built and is on the Internet. Both George and Tom are planning on attending this years reunion ( information is given further in this newsletter ) in August, in Kokomo, IN. It is hoped that a number of A Company guys will show up.

The main point of the business meeting at the reunion will be the transition of the 7th Engineer Combat Battalion Reunions from the leadership of the WW II veterans to the A Company veterans. With George and Tom the leadership is there. They would probably need only one more guy plus a rotating "volunteer" point man at a reunion site.

Changes of address

Ronald Bartoo; - PO Box 1107, State College, PA..  16804

Henry Jurgens; - 119 Union Street, Apt. 211, River Falls, WI.  54022

Louis Riedel; - 1207 Camden Court, Goshen, IN.  46526


Charlie Marks: - A note from Louadda Marks and a phone call from Fred Gage informing me that Charlie had a fatal heart attack on Sept. 23, 2000.

Phil Nemiccolo: - His wife Ann wrote: I'm sorry to inform you that Phil passed away on Aug. 12, 2000. He was always happy to receive the newsletter. He was a healthy man and did not suffer; it was so fast. Our four daughters and son were really in shock. We celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary on Aug. 5th , so I thank the Lord for that. God Bless You All. You are my heroes !  -  Ann

Marion Goodwin: - Received your letter about the 7th Engineer Reunion. This is a note to let you know that Marion Goodman, C Company, passed away July 19, 2000 after a long bout with cancer.  -  Ella Goodwin.

Stanley Carter: - It is with much sadness that I inform you that my father, Stanley Carter, C Company, 7th Engineers passed away on Aug 27, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth: a daughter, Lynda; a son, Glen and his wife Dorothy; a granddaughter, Elizabeth and a grandson Andrew Glen.  -  Lynda Carter


Andrew Veres: Received your newsletter dated Sept. 22. Thank you for remembering me. Perhaps next year I may be able to attend your reunion. I read something very interesting in your letter concerning the National Archives at the War College in Carlisle, PA. I have been trying to get the Battalion Crest of the 7th Engineers with no luck. Called Ft. Lee in Virginia and Ft. Bragg in NC. and neither could help me. Perhaps you could advise me where I might get one. I'm trying to put together a plaque of the units that I served in. The division patches are no problem. They can be gotten from a few civilian sources such as Metal of America. Years ago I gave my son all of my awards, insignias and so forth. He has since passed away and there is no trace of what become of them. I would appreciate it very much if you are able to advise me on this.

George Baldwin: - ( Have exchanged a lot of e ? mails with George over the past few months dealing with the reunion and A Company, Vietnam, 7th Engineers. ---  T.T. )

Emery Radtke: - Since I am 84 I'm not sure that I will make the next reunion. I'm having some health problems and I need surgery on my neck. Doctor seems to think it is a blocked artery and the surgery will take place about the same time I was to be with you guys. Hope the reunion was a success.

Earl Roberts: - Really enjoyed the letter from Fred Gage, my old platoon leader.

Emery Radtke: - Was at a meeting yesterday of the WW II veterans and we decided to meet once a week. We are thinking of starting a program of visiting the schools that request more information about what happened 50-60 years ago. I'm thinking it will be emotional but will try it. My health is O.K. again. Had a wonderful garden last summer. Sorry to hear about Charlie Marks

ill Manning: - ( Received a Christmas card from Bill with a note from Bob Kranz dated July 14, 1989 attached. Here is the note with a few parts censored ) Dear Bill and Agnes; Thank you for your very nice card and sentiments. I do thank you again for visiting my parents grave from time to time. A nice photo of C Company guys at our 1988 reunion. Got a letter from Steve Barany.  - - - - - ( censored ) - - - - . He's a hard guy to figure out. Sent you a cartoon I drew showing or depicting the "LUCK" of Karanz. I love both you people and feel the same way about our paths crossing. I'm sure we are better off for it. With best regards. Love; Bob K..

Mark Seekins: - Wish to thank you, and let you know, if you already don't about A Company, 7th Engineer web site. Received a letter from George Baldwin regarding A 7 E Alumni. Figured he got my address from you but thought that just in case I had better put him in touch. Through all the various contacts I made I located a couple of old Nam buddies. Chatted with them some and in general feel better for it. Again, thanks.

Wilfred Kluemper: - A few lines to let you know I am doing fine after a major operation the 13th of Nov. Had a valve and two arteries replaced. I am doing just fine and hope I can live a couple more years. Had a great time at the reunion this year. Glenn Holt put us up for Saturday night. I will try to make another one. We are having our Xmas the 17th of Dec. with al of the grandchildren and great grandchildren. We will have about 75 people.

Ercey Carver: - I'm sure going to miss my old company commander (Charlie Marks)

Tom Grafton: - I have been in touch with George Baldwin. I served in Vietnam about the same time as he did. He was in the first platoon and I was in the second. We probably saw each other over there but neither of us remembers the other.

Emery Radtke: - All is well with us. Just finished talking to Phil DiPerri. Sounds like he is depressed because his eyes have given out. Have been in touch with the Vietnam veterans that are interested in our WW II activities in the 7th Engineers. Will go over to my sons house to look at the web site since we do not have a computer. Yes, I did hear that Charlie Marks passed away. Hope we will be able to get together next summer at the reunion. Looking forward to next summer so that I can do some more gardening.

George Baldwin: - Please extend my deepest thanks to all of the people who have participated in building the website. If anyone else wishes to add anything, it is never too late and there is no dead line. Web publishing is not like book publishing. Changes can be made at anytime.

Tom Tucker: - Since this newsletter is a short one and it has been some time since I have sent everyone a mailing list I decided to include both the WW II and A Company list with this mailing. Check them out, see who you know and write, phone or e-mail them. I only have a couple of e-mail addresses for the A Company guys but you can get some e-mail addresses from George Baldwin - - or Tom Grafton -

Think Reunion!!!!!!
Tom Tucker



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